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The summertime linen blazer


A sporty look turned business style. Hello everyone, as Ricarda and I had already threatened to do, here comes my first outfit post on CATS & DOGS. As you know by know, I’m really into skating and a comfy, sporty look is really my thing. But when this look needs to suffice for a business […]

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My Paris in Dusseldorf / The Gingham Dress


A somewhat French dress and another new in piece I adore. My sweeties, in my series I like to call “Paris is everywhere” in my mind, (you’ll probably remember this post from last year?), I have a new edition today. Because wow, this alley in my hometown Dusseldorf could just as well be located in […]

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Madam in a hat invites you to dream a little


On a summer’s day at the sea… My sweeties, these lovely pictures I’m presenting to you today shouldn’t be minimized in their beauty by too much text. No, today, I only want to say little and let the pictures speak the louder, for they radiate freedom, dreams, love of life and youthful beauty on such […]

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The summer knit in Paris


Light colours, soft fabrics and my favourite accessories on the streets of Paris My sweeties, admittedly, with the current outside temperatures, even this soft and very light knit would have been too much. In fact, any piece of fabric is one piece too many at the moment. I’m sweating constantly, but we wouldn’t want to […]

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In the dunes: the pinko dress


A special dress for a special moment… My sweeties, there are dresses, that somehow feel special from the very first moment you see them. Dresses that we really need to own and once we do, those are the ones we never wanna give away again in our lives. They become a part of us and […]

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