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The little white lace dress

If we only believe strongly enough and manifest it in our minds, I’m sure that summer will return sooner than we would believe in this cold and gloomy weather. And then, I’ll finally be able to wear this beautiful dress again which reminds me so much of the South of France. This lovely, fair produced […]

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A coat for cold summer days

Summer, where have you gone? Not two weeks ago, I was completely and perfectly fine with the weather (I simply love hot summer weather with temperatures as hot as 30 – 35 degrees Celsius) and now, where has that lovely hot weather gone? Summer simply decided to take a break again and I’m not happy […]

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A Day-Trip to Zuid-Holland

In Berlin, you’ve got the Baltic Sea nearby, here in Dusseldorf, we have the North Sea as a very popular place to travel to. Only about 2 hours away, you can find the Dutch North Sea coast, where the sand is delicate, the ocean is blue and the dunes are sandy and green. I love […]

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Advertisement As you all probably know from this blog and our Instagram @catsanddogsblog: we love summer, sun and movement! So, naturally, we spent the past winter rather in Marrakech and Nice instead of Dusseldorf and even in April, we preferred Mallorca to home, simply because it was much warmer than at home – and had […]

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