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Cut-Off Denim & Ruffles


To style a pair of jeans for going out? This is how you do it! My sweeties, I simply love wearing a good pair of jeans. I find them utterly versatile and comfortable. After all, when you’re wearing a pair of jeans, you don’t have to worry about stepping on your long skirt or about […]

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When beauty and fashion meet…


When two worlds meet, sometimes, something magical comes out of it… My sweeties, I’m holding them in my hands right now: the incredibly pretty products of the new ARMANI runway make-up collection! You probably already know that I’m a sucker for great packaging and this is why I fell in love with this mini 3-piece […]

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Late Summer Outfit


My favourite outfit for those late summer days. My sweeties, do you love the last weeks of summer as much as I do? Because now that it’s supposed to get really hot again for a couple of days, I love spending as many hours as possible in the sun, collecting all the warmth I can […]

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Biotherm Summer Party & New Product


A summer party with slight difficulties and exciting news from beauty land! My sweeties, now it’s finally coming back – summertime! But last week, when Biotherm invited us to the Berlin Wannsee to celebrate a lovely summer party together and also reveal their latest product launch, summer was a bit shy. That also explains our […]

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The Safari Dress


Looking to do an urban safari? Easy-peasy wih this dress! My sweeties, I’m currently on “holidays” at my parents’ place. After a couple of beautiful days in Berlin, including a grand event with Biotherm that I’m soon gonna talk about on this blog, quality time with my best friends and my lovely man plus a […]

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My Favourite Summer Scents


The perfect perfumes for every time of the day during summer. My sweeties, a scent has the power to support or even alter our personalities. A scent can also influence our mood by surrounding us with a soft cloud made of flowers, fruit or woods. My personally favourite scents for this summer is what I […]

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