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Flatiron District


A blue and denim look on the streets of New York. My sweeties, today, I’m showing you one of my favourite outfits for warmer spring weather (so not for now as it’s gotten really cold again). But during those few warm days in New York, this look was just the right thing to wear. You’ve […]

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New York And I In Full Bloom


The perfect outfit for a NYC afternoon in spring. When the fog lifts and the sun finally shows itself, it suddenly feels 10 degrees warmer on a springtime day – even in New York City. It is that time, when you really just want to toss your leather jacket into a corner and throw on […]

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A foodie’s guide to New York City


From the viewpoint of a German tourist. Hey poppets, today, I’m gonna take you all on a little, slightly ironic, trip called “A Foodie’s Guide To New York City” because for me as a German girl, there was just so much to discover and to learn – food-wise – while we were in New York […]

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10 x New York is…


Hop or top? How I think about NYC now – on fast track. My sweeties, yes, all your nightmares are coming true! In the next couple of weeks, I’ll probably only talk about New York City, our time there and what we did, saw and learned. But that’s only natural, this city has so much […]

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