Classic, Sporty, Business Chic


A somewhat unusual outfit and what that has got to do with my personal comfort zone. My sweetie, today, I’m stepping out of my comfort zone a little bit, it’s supposed to be good, right? Out of that comfortable bubble, where everything is soft and nice and out, trying something new, something unusual for myself […]

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Southern Sun


Flared trousers with tassels meet the prettiest lace blouse in the world. My sweeties, today’s look should be my current favourite spring look. At least, that would be the case if the weather were a little bit more spring-like already. You know, when we shot this look, about a week before Easter, it was already […]

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Me-Time with Braun FaceSpa


Softest care, massage and epilation for your skin with Braun. My sweeties, how much do you care for your facial skin? And in what way? This topic is so important for all of us, because if you take good care of the skin in your face (but not overdo it of course), you’ll see it […]

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