Faithfully Yours

Why we should wear the girly dress more often. My sweeties, today, we are finally sending you a sign of life from Mallorca, where we’ve discovered the area of Cala D’Or for ourselves – especially a bay called Cala Esmeralda with its truly emerald water, clean, white sand, beautiful cliff rocks and nature all around. […]

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Amour Toujours

My favourite Parisienne sweater. My sweeties, after having published this post, I’ll stop the Paris-overload for a while – promise! Even though some of you babes are probably enjoying the Parisienne-vibes just like I do, I’m sure others will be happy to see something different for a while, hehe. And that’s fine with us. After […]

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Wearing All-Denim à la Parisienne

Denim All-Over? Yes: either sporty or très chic! Sweeties, you know what? Lately, I’ve rediscovered a super cool look for myself – the Canadian Tux (and I find this name for it so funny). Yep, that’s the (un)official name for the all-over denim look and today, I’m gonna show you how to style this re-emerging […]

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My Beauty-Favourites in March 2018

All about my beauty favourites of this past month – and one more thing. My sweeties, it is that time of the month again: my new beauty-favourites are online. Today, I’m going to show you a new love brand of mine, about which I’ve already talked once before in this blog post, a new scent, […]

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