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Vintage Garden


It is springtime – at least in the labyrinth of my thoughts. The first of May. It should be spring outside, but somehow, it isn’t. But in my mind, it is still as warm as it was in real life about 2 weeks ago. The cherries and almonds were in full bloom already, when the […]

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My Mint & Berry Flower Market Outfit


Of Berlin, flowers and just taking a springtime feelgood break… My sweeties, today, I wanted to show you a couple of impressions from the mint&berry Flower Market that I visited last week. Acutally, I could have shown you only pictures of flowers in this post as I’m sure I’ve taken over 10.000 pics that day. […]

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Styling Denim Culottes à La Parisienne


“Vive la tricolore” or how I turned into a living flag. My sweeties, today I’m showing you (another, of course) typical outfit à la Parisienne. It’s easy to see with all the typical colours and stripes. But next to the awesome and utterly beautiful striped shirt, I’ve especially fallen in love with denim culottes, lately. […]

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