My VILA Boho-Shirt in Marrakech


Dreaming of spring with an old favourite: the boho-shirt. My sweeties, as probably many of you, Max and I have caught the flu. Max was the first to get sick and is already getting better, but I’m still feeling like I’ve been run over by a truck. Anyway, I keep drinking ginger tea and all […]

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Radisson Blu Carré Eden Hotel, Marrakesh


Our visit in a small paradise in the middle of the urban jungle. Squeaking tires, hundreds of people passing by, horse carriages and motor bikes beside us and the Muezin ever singing from his Mosque… And then we enter a small paradise: we are warmly welcomed and our suitcases are being taken upstairs while we […]

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Jungle Escape


All about my happy places and spring fashion trends. Where do you feel the best? Where would you beam yourself to, if you could? Where is your personal Happy Place? Mine is at the ocean – the freedom, the openness and the endless power is just magical and makes me happy throughout. It fascinates me […]

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All-white sundowner in Marrakesh


Marrakesch is good for your souls. And definitely worth the trip. My sweeties, we are finally back on the blog, I’m so excited to share all our Marrakesh stories with you! For starters, I’d like to tell you a bit about where we stayed and what we did. But just a little overview, the rest […]

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