A few days ago, I got inspired by a fellow Lookbooker (Frankly: Fashion Zen (visit her blog!)) who created a miu miu-inspired skirt by ironing little sparrows on her skirt. After having searched the web for sparrow-, or cat-print fabric for weeks now, I finally had a new solution for DIY-ing miu miu dresses myself – unaffordable as they are! (And I hope miu miu won’t mind me borrowing their idea, I just loved the cats so much – still hoping to get my hands on their shoes!!)

So here’s how I did it: I bought transfer paper, made a little drawing of the miu miu cat, digitalised it in Photoshop, printed it on the A4 transfer paper x32, cut out each single cat and ironed it on the H&M Garden Collection dress. And today I’m here to present you the results – hope you like it!

By the way, I got my first real teaching job at an elementary school, and thus will start to work in Berlin in July – can’t wait! (Also can’t wait to finally live in the same city as my perfect boyfriend)

[Customised H&M dress, Topshop wedges, daisies from the garden]

//Edit: Here’s the A4 sheet I originally used, including 16x the cat [Download]. Sorry that it’s so small, I don’t have a bigger size of it (and it still worked out great printing it on the transfer paper on high quality).