The Ghost Of A Saber Tooth Tiger – Song for James

Hi all, a belated happy 2011 to all of you and my excuses for not having posted anything in nearly two weeks (again!!). I’m really busy right now, but really feel like posting more in the near future. Just need to find more inside spots for photo shoots as I hate standing in the cold without a coat on (and showing off only my three different coats tends to get kinda boring, too xD).

This time, however, I met with lovely Vio of [Microphoneheart] again for a little shoot in the melting snow. The ground is terrible right now, though – ruins all of your shoes (which is why I’m saving all my expensive shoes for when the shit on the grounds has been cleaned off again).
Also I need to save money right now with all the troubles I have with my flat(s) and all… can’t even afford a nice shopping spree at the obvious high street stores right now… and the miu miu bag has been put on the waiting list again as well :/

Hope you’ll be hearing from me again real soon! Until then, hope everyone of you has had a great start of the new year!!!

[vintage coat, H&M top, shirt, jeans and shoes, vintage jewelry]