Sometimes I’m lucky… been browsing ebay the other day, totally bored by my BA thesis writing, and found this cute ditsy floral jumper in a second-hand boutique ebay shop! It was like 15€ “buy now” price, but I was like hmmm, maybe I can make a better offer, so I offered 9€ and got it accepted, haha! Wonderful piece of clothing, for almost no money, that’s how life should be like all the time :D
Super hot weather outside, let’s show our legs!

Will be adding some new stuff to SHOP CATS & DOGS soon, so stay tuned, gonna be some amazing selfmade stuff up that you’ve never seen before.

Okay, have a nice day everybody, I’ll sit in the garden now – not in the sun, though ’cause I’d get sunburned, but outside, with some cherries and strawberries and all. Yum yum!

edit:// Haha, well I didn’t dye my hair, no no, I was a redhead when I was 15! No, my sister tried some stuff on her camera by changing the colour scheme and all, so it looks AS IF they were a bit reddish ;)


[Floral romper/dress: vintage, ebay, leather bag: vintage, wedges: ASH]