This is – basically – what I wore on thursday night. Thursday night was beautiful, I’ll remember it as that forever, I guess. I feel like a fucking teenager again, haha.

I made this dress a while ago, but never found an occasion to wear it. But it’s actually quite a lovely dress, very easy to wear and all. It’s just so sweet that on said night I at least had to combine it with a black blazer, to rock it up a bit or something like that. Anyway, I’m happy that my sewing skills are improving more and more.
Shoes reminded me a slight bit of Marni, and I got them at Zara for the sale price, so I had no choice but to buy them. Even if I have no money to spend at the moment, I didn’t really care.

Here’s hoping I’ll be able to post a bit more in the near future. But who knows… I wish you all a great new week!


[Dress: made by me, clutch and ring: H&M, Chanel logo necklace: etsy, customised by me, shoes: ZARA]