I feel winter approaching with huge steps – only not today when I intended to photograph the jumper I knitted lately. I was sweating like mad in this thing, because – even though it consists of nothing but holes (yeah, like my brain I know) – it keeps you perfectly warm! (Which is apparently not needed with an outside air temperature of about 20°C)

By the way, it’s so sweet of you people asking why on earth would I sell my self-knitted and self-sewn stuff, but that’s the point, innit. It’s something I do in my free time, doing clothes. Since I didn’t go to design-shool (which I did consider for a long time before I decided to study education) it’s just something that’s so much fun to do besides uni. And I can always do something I really like wearing again for myself, so of course I want to share my stuff with you guys and am always so happy when I find people that love wearing my stuff, too :) Otherwise, this flat would’ve exploded by now anyway.

I love nudes this season, it’s really lovely to wear and it gives you this kind of positive attitude that an all-black outfit just can’t. The Emma Cook for Topshop boots are just the perfect kind of finish for an (almost) only bright powdered look. And they’re sooooo comfortable. I basically live in them these days.
Admittedly, though, I couldn’t resist with the black tights, but I just couldn’t pull off a pair of bright jeans with this outfit, it did look really quite ridiculous, haha.

I just discovered a pattern here – taking pics on friday, posting them in the middle of the night from friday to saturday… let’s see how long I’ll keep this up.
Have a great weekend everybody and good night!

[Excuse my hair on this one, a group of hands down real mad pigeons attacked me! Well, not quite, but it looks like it.]


[self-knitted jumper, H&M silk blouse, DIY studded shorts, Zara bag, Emma Cook for Topshop boots]