This week I’m visiting my family back home which is nice. My boyfriend came along which is even nicer. Today we took it easy, went shopping and later took a stroll down to the new town hall where we enjoyed ice cream and a fabulous view. Then my sister took pictures of my boyfriend and me together (mainly for our parents but I’ll put some up on my wall as well) but because he’s shy I won’t post them here just yet :D Afterwards, my sister went home and we enjoyed some food and drink down at the lake before I lay down by the water on my man’s lap and had the late afternoon sun shine on me. It was beautiful, only that on our way home, he decided to push me under a water fountain so I had to ride the tram seriously and completely wet, haha.

Today you can see me wearing my new-ish (already bought shoes even after these) Terra Plana shoes, which are so lovely, comfortable and pretty at the same time.
Anyway, see you soon my lovely readers and a perfect week to all of you!

[H&M blouse and skirt, vintage belt, Zara bag, Terra Plana pumps]