First of all: Look at these pictures, running from here to there all the time, that’s how I felt all the time while I wasn’t here posting. And it’s still not quite better, I’m so busy, UUAHHHH!! But I decided not to forget about my baby, my dearest cats and dogs, my blog anymore!
Thanks for all your super sweet comments, I’ll read and publish all of them in a minute.
Second: Yes, I’m still alive and well, here’s a tiny little cloud of things I’ve been doing within the last months while I was absent ;)


Well, loads of stuff, right! Anyway, how does everyone feel about a little Q&A game over here for a new beginning? Any questions you might have (except for “Where have you been? What have you done? Why haven’t you been posting for so long?”) you are free to write down under this post and I will answer them in my next post!
I’m really looking forward to your questions (if you have any) :)

New pictures will follow as well really soon, I’m pretty sure. And it’s my Christmas break now, so I guess I’ll have at least a little time off Uni and all that terrible studying for my final year! (2010 will change everything, I’ll finally be freeeee from uni and studying, yeah!)

I’m sure there will be another post before Christmas, so I won’t send you any holiday-greetings just YET ;)