I found this cute purple vintage blazer while browsing BLOGIMARKET (a place where bloggers who sell their stuff on their own blogs gather and post their fo-sale-stuff on a blog only built for that reason!) and held it in my hands only a few days later. The colour and quality is really stunning as it is nearly pure viscose fabric and thus falls really nicely down the shoulders. BUT speaking of shoulders, as it is apparent that I do not have the intention to revive the 80s in a too purist way, I simply had to modify the width of the blazer at the shoulders AND of course remove the horrible shoulder-pads ;) But now it’s perfect, I have been wearing it for the last three days, it seems almost glued on me :D

PS.: It’s Orthodox easter sunday today and since my boyfriend lives in an Orthodox Christian country, happy easter to whom it may concern ;)

PPS.: Rodarte-Inspired-Knitting will be finished soooooooooooooon, wiii!!

PPPS.: The cool background for these pics is my old high-school! Oh well, good old school days… :)


[Purple blazer: vintage, harem pants + top: ZARA, heels: Primark, bracelet: H&M]