Welcome to summer, boys and girls. Even though it’s pouring again outside right now, but never mind that! I unpacked my old H&M dress again, realised I don’t like maxi dresses on myself, cut off the lower third and finally feel like wearing this dress every day again!
Even if I’m a little sick again, I hope everyone is feeling fantastic!
On a different note, I’m on a Harry Potter reading marathon right now. I’ve finished “The Order of the Poenix” in a week and now waiting for my boyfriend to buy me the 6th book, so I can go on! Besides having fallen in love with the books, I also need to finish the 7th one before July 11th since we decided to attend the all-Potter-movie-night then! Whoot, SO SO excited, haha. I might be dead afterwards, though… but that might be worth it.

[H&M fashion against AIDS dress from last year, vintage jewelry, Zara sandals]