Which country fits our personality the best?

We love traveling, but there’s one country we love the most…

As you know, we are traveling a lot and around the whole world. For us, it’s a great possibility to get to know the world we are living in a bit better and that with all our senses. We love getting to know new cultures and personalities and through that, being open to all kinds of people and ways of living. We love traveling together and it’s the one thing we are most thankful for.

But as you travel more, you also notice which countries and ways of living suit your own personality more and which less. Bali was great and the people were soo lovely, the nature was amazing but we still didn’t feel like we belong there. Los Angeles was also great and exciting, but there are so many restrictions in the USA that you aren’t used to as a European…

So for us, it was simply wonderful when we got to go to the South of France again. There, everything seems perfect to us, the people, the way of living, the nature. It is heaven on Earth to us and we couldn’t be any happier than being there, in the midst of blooming nature and vineyards… it is the perfect spot for us and we really believe we would be happiest living there one day…

And you? Have you found a perfect country for yourself, already? Some place that suits your personality better than anywhere else? Do let us know in the comments!


ZARA wide pants | ZARA crop-top | Hermès Oran sandals | Le Parmentier Paris bag | Thomas Sabo* jewelry

Photography: Max Bechmann



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1 Comment on Which country fits our personality the best?

  1. Maria
    Friday September 7th, 2018 at 06:15 PM (2 years ago)

    Wie sweet du aussiehst! Liebe dein Outfit, super schön! Ich finde es am tollsten am Meer, deshalb bin ich super gerne auf Mallorca. Aber am aller wohlsten? Fühle ich mich daheim in Deutschland :)

    LG Maria