What I eat in a day

Very often, I am asked by non-vegans what I eat in a day in order to get all the nutrients my body needs. I am also quite often asked whether I am noticing any differences in my body since I became vegan…

Well, the biggest difference that I have noticed ever since becoming vegetarian and finally, vegan, was that ever since then, I never became ill again. For 2 full years now, I never had any illness or disease which is lovely and something really special for me, especially, because I used to get sick quite often before.

If that is simply a coincidence or if the reason for that is in fact my plant-based diet, is open to debate. But I do know that I am feeling more than great with my decision of stopping to use any animal products in my daily diet. Both morally and physically.

The things I’m paying close attention to in my vegan diet

I’m paying attention to buy mainly bio products, to eat no refined or ready-to-eat food, to consume mostly fresh fruit and vegetable and cook at home, not to eat too much soy products, not to eat too many carbohydrates, not to consume too much sugar and to drink lots of water. And, on top of all that, I am also paying close attention to taking my supplements* nehme.

Of course, most important vitamins and minerals, you can get through a fresh and rich vegan diet with different fresh vegetables, fruit, nuts, seeds, legumes… but especially vitamin b12 is not naturally available to vegans, so we have to supplement this important vitamin. Right now, I am also supplementing omega 3, zinc, biotin and curcuma.

What I eat in a day

I am starting my day with a glass of warm lemon water and sometimes, a ginger shot. Afterwards, I’m having a coffee with oat milk and I’m usually making myself a big smoothie bowl with fresh fruit, nuts and seeds.

For lunch, I’m usually having bread with a vegan spread, avocado or tomato and cucumber and on days when I’m feeling extra fancy, I’m making myself a tofu-scramble – so yummy!

In the evenings, I’m cooking so many different delicious meals. One of my current favorites is tempe in hot chili sauce with fresh vegetables, basmati rice and fresh salad with mango-avocado, soy-yoghurt-dressing. So good!

In the evenings, when I’m feeling like I could use a sweet treat, I’m making myself a sugar-free mango or melon sorbet. More on that soon on the blog!

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1 Comment on What I eat in a day

  1. Lisa
    Wednesday June 10th, 2020 at 09:22 AM (6 months ago)

    Sehr spannend über deine Ernährung zu lesen!