What am I to do

Today I got really depressed because I still couldn’t go outside because of my sickness, didn’t even make it to see my doctor! But that was because of other issues, anyway… to kinda cheer me up again, I gave myself a little tattoo extension on my right lower leg. For quite some time already I wanted to tattoo this kinda leopard pattern around my other tattoo parts but didn’t do it yet. So today I kinda thought it was time and I did the first half of it. It was really easy and turned out quite nice to me, so yeah… I’m a bit better now.
Sorry for the lack of outfit posts at the moment, once I get better, there will be a lot to show you! I made quite some amazing finds in the second-hand shop lately! And also still some DIY-ing to show, too… ahhhh, if only I weren’t sick!

Oh my god what crappy photos… je suis desolée!

PS.: Maki, the little something next to the roses is for you


16 Comments on What am I to do

    02/25/2009 at 8:13 pm (12 Jahren ago)

    your tattoo is great! and now is more cute than before!!! it’s a cool thing that you can tattoo yourself this way… awesome… really awesome!

  2. carocream
    02/25/2009 at 8:18 pm (12 Jahren ago)

    get well. that drawing is pretty! x

  3. Akiri Ricky
    02/25/2009 at 9:03 pm (12 Jahren ago)

    thanks punkie, yeahhh i can’t tattoo myself everywhere, but it’s cheaper like that for sure hihi

    caro: thank you i really hope i can get out the house tomorrow! :)

  4. Miss Harrcore
    02/25/2009 at 10:15 pm (12 Jahren ago)

    Hast du daheim eine ganze Tattooausrüstung? *_*

  5. *Sarah*
    02/25/2009 at 10:52 pm (12 Jahren ago)

    also wo ich das so sehe, bin ich mir doch absolut sicher, dass du die kleinigkeit, die ich mir vorstelle, auch hinbekommst! xD schaut total toll aus und ich glaube manchmal echt nicht, dass du das selbst kannst – also na gut, ich WEISS es haha, find’s hammer.
    gute besserung jedenfalls! ich wollte am WE ja eigtl mal vorbeischauen, wenn es dir dann besser geht…? melde mich nochmal :)

  6. Akiri Ricky
    02/25/2009 at 11:10 pm (12 Jahren ago)

    sarü: oh dieses WE schon? joa also morgen geh ich wieder zum praktikum, von daher könnte das schon gehen… falls du zeit hast :)

    miss harrcore: jap, hab ich haha… mehr oder weniger „eine ganze“, aber reicht ;)

  7. Ayesha
    02/26/2009 at 5:41 am (12 Jahren ago)

    wow wow wow! I’m very very picky with tattoos, but yours couldn’t be any more perfect! :D
    So pretty and delicate and feminine!

  8. Catalin C. Vasii
    02/26/2009 at 7:25 am (12 Jahren ago)

    You may also draw a tee cup, since you’re sick… Anyway, get well soon! Cheers :)

  9. Flashes of Style
    02/26/2009 at 5:48 pm (12 Jahren ago)

    Wow this look so amazing! I also love your drawing.

  10. Shini
    02/27/2009 at 5:46 pm (12 Jahren ago)

    Awww get better soon!! That leopard is a great add to what you already have…it’s like a second ’skin‘ declaration!

  11. Connie Hsiu
    02/28/2009 at 8:30 am (12 Jahren ago)

    oh my goodness!!!

    gosh i need the guts to get a tattoo, im too scared-im such a wimp!

  12. chloe
    02/28/2009 at 4:41 pm (12 Jahren ago)

    hope you’re feeling better, im also suffering from a cold and it sucks!
    i booked an appointment for my next tattoos, i have to wait 2 months because my boyfriend are going together and we needed a ‚big‘ session, but im so excited! x

  13. mimi
    02/28/2009 at 6:42 pm (12 Jahren ago)

    I love your tatoos! so dark, I like that§
    kiss xxx

  14. Lauren
    02/28/2009 at 8:35 pm (12 Jahren ago)

    That is so awesome! I can’t wait to get my tattoos.

    x x x

  15. Diana Ang
    03/07/2009 at 6:35 am (12 Jahren ago)

    love your tattoo. awesome :D