Well, admittedly, my sister has. Her friend gave her this Shaun cuddly thingie for Christmas, so we took him out for a walk today. This sheep can say “meeehhh meehh” if you squeeze his nose and when you pull his tail, it starts to shiver :D What a lovely toy!!

Hope you enjoy the pics. I’m waiting for my friends to arrive right now, so I figured I could as well post something here (yeh, I’m improving, trying to reanimate my blog)
I was baking a delicious Sacher-cake yesterday, can’t wait to eat it aaaal up (not) xD

Do you guys like snow? I mean, it’s really pretty and all, but a) your feet get all wet, b) the camera doesn’t like it ’cause it’s too bright and c) it’s cold ;D
I like snow for a day, but man, I wish it was spring already!!

Wearing a Zara black velvet dress (*love*), vintage fake fur coat, knock off CL ankle boots, Topshop tights, H&M ring.

See you soon, and remember, I’m doing a Q&A right now, so keep sending me questions, I’ll answer them soon!