Dear everyone, major apologies for not getting back to most of my mails at the moment, I’m just not up for it right now, my head is everywhere at the same time plus school is starting again next week!! I’ll get back to everything as soon as possible, promise!

AND I really want to thank you for all your sweet comments all the time, you guys are the most beautiful people in the world! Keep me updated, I DO read many blogs when you share a link with me :) Plus if you are really bored, you can go and follow me on TWITTER, I’m always tweeping a bit when I’m out and about, it might be a fun read sometimes, har har…

Anyway, this post just to show you my lovely harness which I’m wearing above literally EVERYTHING, even at work, haha… and a cute H&M shirt with all my favourite animals, deer and wolves/foxes, awwww, had to buy it when I saw it, immediately!

See ya!!

[H&M print shirt + vest, Mint Siren harness, Topshop cross bracelet + necklace + wedges, Zara jeans]