Alright my honorable readers, this is where I’ll tell you a funny story. Not only had I been stupid enough to have lost my (green) wallet in the forest (also green mostly!) about 7 years ago, I also got it back when a day later, a woman on a bike was passing us by while we were searching, asking if we by incident were looking for a green wallet! But about a month ago, I got my beautiful brown Alexa bag kidnapped with everything (and I mean everything like wallet with money and cards and all) inside!! It was one of the worst things that had ever happened to me to this day (and I know I’m lucky this is the case, haha). But funnily enough, my mobile phone was found with a guy who had obviously stolen it only the morning after so we could actually go to the police and all with a little hope for a happy ending. Anyway, I still did pay a lot of money to get all my cards (transportation, students’ licence, you know all that) but only two weeks after my bag had been stolen, the Deutsche Bahn wrote me a letter that they had found it and that I could retrieve it at Bahnhof Zoo! So when I went there, the bag was there (with a little damage to the front, unfortunately) but with everything still inside, except for the cash! Can you believe how many lucky angels I must have? Haha.

We took these pics last weekend, when we also went to see a lovely Italian band I’ve known from Hannover from about three years ago – Le Man Avec Les Lunettes! Lovely guys, great music, always a pleasure, so you should check them out on Myspace or on their website lmall.it

Wearing everything H&M this time :D And particularly love the boots, you have no idea how crazy in love I’m with them!!!