Two resting dragons: Tenerife and La Gomera

The Canaries, even though such a typical travel destination for sun-loving, all-inclusive tourists, are definitely worth a visit. Especially, if you travel off the beaten path, these old and so different islands will blow your mind as you can find anything there: sometimes, you feel like you’re in New Zealand, sometimes, it feels like Bali. Then again, you are reminded of the Wild West and suddenly, it feels like South America again. Crazy, right! But this is what makes these islands in the Atlantic Ocean so special.

La Gomera – the Garden Eden

We especially fell for the small island of La Gomera where everything grows and grows and grows since the old days and almost no human has ever tried to form this island after their own will. When you visit this island, you feel that it decides itself how and where it grows. The nature is bombastic and rich and untamed. It’s a beautiful sight. And on the roads of La Gomera, you will discover small villages, mountains and valleys and the most incredible forests that even Guillermo del Toro couldn’t have imagined any better or wilder!

But La Gomera with its rich, green forests also has another kind of incredible natural phenomenon in store: red earth, as red as in Australia. When we took a walk through this incredible, hilly area, we were so fascinated by the fact that there was no sound at all. No wind, no birds, nothing at all. It was simply quiet. Can you imagine total silence? I couldn’t, before I visited this place. And at the end of this area, we discovered a great place to look over to Tenerife and it’s volcano, too.

Tenerife – Wild West and the Volcano

Of course, we loved Tenerife as well. We really enjoyed watching the wild ocean in the north which makes you feel really small and humble. In the south, we had fun swimming in the blue sea and sunbathing. Of course, that’s where all the hotels are, too.

But the most incredible thing was the drive up to the Volcano of the island – the Teide, highest mountain in Spain with almost 4000 meters height. Down in the south, at the beach and with 25 degrees air temperature, you wouldn’t think that a 1,5 hours drive later, you’d be standing up at 2000 meters and only 4 degrees. It blows your mind and the nature up there is so beautiful, as if you were on the Moon, so cold and silent. We loved it.

By the way, we did the drive up to the foot of mount Teide twice. Once, we went up in daylight and one time, we went up there at night and it was really worth it as I never saw more stars in my life! So beautiful!

Photography: Max Bechmann & Ricarda Schernus




2 Comments on Two resting dragons: Tenerife and La Gomera

  1. Mona
    Friday December 7th, 2018 at 12:52 PM (2 years ago)

    Das klingt so toll und macht große Lust, diese kanarischen Inseln zu entdecken! Toller, ausführlicher Beitrag!


  2. Lisa
    Saturday December 8th, 2018 at 09:32 AM (2 years ago)

    Unglaublich tolle Bilder! So unterschiedliche Landschaften, wow!