Too good my sister owns this lovely bowler hat because more often than she actually wears it i steal it from her closet and wear it as if it was my own. Simply très chic, and the quality is stunning too. Only problem: It usually needs a lot of persuation powers to actually get it from her, but its absolutely worth it. Eventually, I’ll get my own, when by miracle some money comes flying through my seldomely wide-opened window.
The fox fur-coat is actually pretty vintage as it used to belong to my Great-grandma who gave it to my Grandma who gave it to me last summer. I have another one but this is certainly my favourite, mostly because it keeps me warm like nothing else in these cold winter afternoons. Still I must admit I always feel a bit guilty wearing fur, especially since foxes are amongst my favourite animals, but I just also feel a bit guilty having it hung in my closet forver and not wearing it at all when it is the perfect way of not to freeze outside. I mostly arrange it for me by myself saying a little thank you to the animals that gave their fur for the coat everytime I wear it and feel grateful for the warmth they offer me. It sounds a bit ironic but its the only way I can accept it for myself. Beyond all that, it’s simply beatiful and so nice to touch.
Together with that I’m wearing shiny H&M leggins, second hand knit longsleeve, second hand black rubber belt, H&M leather boots and the lovely suede leather bag Photobucket