To live better – for ourselves and our planet

How I’m always trying to better myself and my way of living.

I don’t know how I came to think about this topic again so much. But I do know that I want to start living even better – for myself and for our beautiful, blue planet. A couple of days ago, I stumbled across this little quote that said:

„You have two homes:
The earth and your body.
Take good care of them.“

And I thought it to be very wise and if every person would take this saying as a mantra and try to live by it the best they could, this world would be a better one, I am sure of that. After all, our society has got some serious issues to cope with. Social, structural and environmental issues that can’t be denied anymore…

We are already trying to live a better life for our planet and ourselves. For example, we have been trying to reduce plastic waste for a couple of years now and we are getting better and better. We are trying to buy more local vegetables at the farmer’s market and less at the store. We are also always taking a cotton bag along so that we won’t have to take a plastic bag. And we are only drinking tap water, no more bottles needed!

But of course, we are not perfect and still, we are producing too much plastic waste. But then again, this is a long journey and we’re trying to change as much as possible at a time.

Generally, many documentaries have inspired me to live a better life – day by day. We are trying to reduce processed food radically and cook a lot at home, make most things ourselves. And I love healthy cooking, it’s so much fun!

„Good for the body, the soul and the planet.“

By the way, at this point, we are not eating any meat at all, anymore. And don’t miss it even a little. If you feel like you really need meat, try to reduce it to once a week or once every two weeks. If everyone at that little meat, mass production could be reduced to a minimum. And still, not eating animals at all is the least cruel and most beautiful decision you can make for your own life. But that is only my own opinion.

Speaking of soul food…

I’m also trying to reduce milk products and that is why I’m drinking my coffee and tea with organic soy milk only these days. But I’m not sure if I could ever completely miss out on cheese. I just looove good, French cheese, best with a glass of wonderful white wine. As you see, nobody is perfect.

Another bad thing we are constantly doing because of our job is flying. Flying is so bad for the environment, but we need to do it. At least in Germany, I’m always trying to take the train instead of the plane. And we are trying not to fly overseas too often. But still, flying is far too cheap these days and need to be taxed more so that people will fly less. This has and will definitely change soon, latest, when all the kerosine is up.

At least at home in Dusseldorf, we are always trying to ride our bikes everywhere and not take a car or taxi. And I believe people should do this in all cities – there is no need to own or use a car if you live in a city. You can always use the trains or trams.

One thing that is really good for my body and my soul is my daily Yoga sessions. Yoga really calms my inner self and gives me a kind of strength I never had before I discovered Yoga. I’m really telling everyone I meet that Yoga is the best thing ever!

As you can see, there are so many little things you can do for our planet and for yourself. Of course, there are too many more things that we should do better, but you’ll have to start somewhere, right? Don’t stress yourself and give up at some point, but keep going – little steps. The thing is, you need to start somewhere and that is what we did. It’s not so hard to be good to yourself and better towards your environment.

What is your opinion on this Tonic and what are you doing for yourself and our planet on a daily basis? I am very much looking forward to your comments on this!



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1 Comment on To live better – for ourselves and our planet

  1. Andrea
    Saturday September 15th, 2018 at 09:43 PM (2 years ago)

    Wunderbarer Post! Ich bin auch gerade dabei mein Leben Schritt für Schritt noch mehr umzustellen…bewusster Kleidung kaufen,Plastik einsparen und Sachen ausmisten. Für nächstes Jahr möchte ich mindestens zu 90 % vegan werden <3