It’s been a while (again). In the meantime I went to Berlin, including a full cultural and culinary programm. I can’t even remember everything right now, or I’d have to really think about it, but for example I went to see two Berlinale films, “Bróder” and “Zona Sur”, both South American productions, both in their way absolutely great films. I think I really got hooked on South American filmmaking now and I want more, haha.
I also met up with a fellow fashion blogger, the lovely and talented Susanne from [the leopard dress]. We went shopping together, to Berlinale and later on her, I and our male companions went dancing until the morning hours – and despite a terrible cold I was carrying around with me, I had a great time.
The other days I had a job interview, went to an art opening, swimming, to restaurants and bars. Anyway, now I’m back home, studying for my last exam and watching “The Avengers”.

See you soon!!