[Feist – The Park]

Yesterday was my first time wearing these floral bleached Topshop jeans, after having gone through a long process of getting my hands on them. When Topshop first stocked these pants, I ordered them right away, which only resulted in them booking back the money to my Paypal account together with the information that they could not be sent to me at this moment. So after a month or two of waiting, I rediscovered the jeans on the Topshop website and immediately ordered them again! Lucky it worked this time, they’re so pretty.
Had a hard time shooting pictures today. First, a couple of teenage boys started staring at us, then made fun of us and finally they were throing their food boxes at us, forcing us to tell them to fuck off and then walking away ourselves. After that, we had a hard time taking pictures because my sister accidentally switched to RAW+HQ on the camera menu which immediately filled up the memory card completely, unfortunately we only found out about our mistake at home, haha.

Tomorrow I’ll see my man again, I miss him baaadly! Also, uni starts again finally, can’t wait for this semester to be over so I can finally start working!

Hope you all had a good easter, ate too many eggs and enjoyed the sunshine!

[Topshop floral jeans + suede wedges, H&M blazer, scarf and top, vintage hat]