My injections seem to help a lot and they prevent my red bubbles to reappear which is great – I finally could enjoy the first really warm day of the year (round about 18 degrees!) down the Danube quay. Before that, we walked the short way down Zemun-quarter, an ultra-pretty part of Belgrade and took some pics there, too. Later on, we went to a café but unfortunately I couldn’t drink my favourite Mocca with white chocolate because it contains milk… so I chose a double espresso which wasn’t bad, either.
All in all, even if I can’t yet wear jewellery, life without red bubbles is so much more beautiful!

I’m wearing my DIY studded jeans today, and believe me, I studded them before the blue jeans with silver pyramid studs appeared on the Jak&Jil blog lately. Anyways, silver pyramid studs are great on blue jeans – totally worth the finger-breaking!

[Wearing: DIY studded jeans: H&M and me, sequin-jumper: second-hand from Amsterdam, suede fringe boots: Primark]