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Cheap Monday Show

Mr. Grizzly meets a banana on a spaceship? Well, probably the Cheap Monday designers had something completely different in mind when they created this collection, but it was the first thing that came to my mind! Actually, the collection means to illustrate today’s youth movement, inspired by music and the streets. Well, in any case, […]

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Fooling The Light

♫ Blinded By The Lights – The Streets ♫ Hello all! As you are reading this, I’m already on a new adventure in the scandinavian countries. Right now, Stockholm fashion week and afterwards Copenhagen. I’m mighty excited about everything, the week started really good all thanks to new and old friends and I’m sure there’s […]

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Redhead… again?

♫ Red-Headed Stranger – Willie Nelson ♫ For the beginning of the new year, I’ve come back with a look I was sporting about 1,5 years ago: the long, ginger locks that made me look a little bit like Karen Gillan. I really loved my hair back then, the only problem was that I couldn’t […]

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