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Video: Visit Great Britain

„What do YOU love most about Great Britain?“ Well, as ALL of you already know, my favourite country in the world is Great Britain. I don’t even know why, but all the countless time’s I went and stayed in this marvellous place, I’ve always felt „right“… you know, like I was finally home. And of […]

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New Music: Fallulah

She reminds me of someone… oh yeah, Fallulah, this slightly bonkers girl from Denmark, reminds me of myself. Just a little bit. And her music is just the thing when you are having a depressing day, not sure of what to do or where to go. But then again, her music also fits just right […]

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Video: Valentine’s Day Make-Up

„Pink as peonies, sweet as sugar.“ I know, I knowww… Valentine’s Day posts are everywhere in the blogsphere right now and it almost seems as if Saint Valentine (whoever he might’ve been) had paid us all to promote „his“ day year after year again. Okay, we admit it – this Mr. Valentine is our biggest […]

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Cheap Monday Show

Mr. Grizzly meets a banana on a spaceship? Well, probably the Cheap Monday designers had something completely different in mind when they created this collection, but it was the first thing that came to my mind! Actually, the collection means to illustrate today’s youth movement, inspired by music and the streets. Well, in any case, […]

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