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Do Look Back!

Ever since I saw Nicole of Gary Pepper wearing a wonderful open-back dress at the Firenze4Ever dinner in Florence in January, I knew that fashion’s focus was gonna be on this subtly sexy part of our bodies this summer! A week later, I had bought the first black top with a deep open back – […]

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Beach Babes

When I have not too much else to do, I like to draw a little every now and then. I must admit I don’t really have the same patience my sister has when it comes to illustration (luckily, it’s her studying it and not me), but I really enjoy it, anyway. Because of this and […]

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„Blurring the lines between image and reality“ When you come to think of it, the connection between what we see and what we make of the picture created in our mind is very subjective and can vary so much. I really like that. The fact that taking a picture of a picture and introducing new […]

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Gorgeous sunny days are only darkened by a non functioning O2 internet connection (grrr!). Preparing this wonderful spring outfit post for you took me without exaggeration 5 (!!!) hours thanks to my internet breaking down every two minutes. I guess an easter bunny sat on the line, I don’t have another explanation. But besides all […]

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Blogwatch: New Vienna Minimalism

Vienna Wedekind | Fashiontweed | Dariadaria | Worry About It Later „These girls do it perfect the simple way!“ While I’m witnessing how I myself gradually move from the whimsical to the sporty and from the romantic to the minimalistic, the focus in my blog-feed has switched as well and made me discover a whole […]

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Blutsgeschwister Spring/Summer 14

„Me & My Self Service“ Luckily, spring is already waiting ‚round the corner and I’m actually already in the mood for real and super serious spring fashion. Actually, this one is not very serious at all – at least not in the new spring collection „Me & My Self Service“ by German clothing and accessories […]

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