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Hello dear all, I’m sorry about the lack of updates and posts in the last couple of days but the heat got the better of me and so I rather stayed outside in the sun or swimming at the lake than in front of a computer screen. Things are a bit crazy at the moment, […]

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Beach Babes

When I have not too much else to do, I like to draw a little every now and then. I must admit I don’t really have the same patience my sister has when it comes to illustration (luckily, it’s her studying it and not me), but I really enjoy it, anyway. Because of this and […]

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3 Days in Amsterdam

Bikes, boats and a city in bloom… For the launch of the new BloggerNet of my dear friend Vivian and because it was a nice opportunity to see the city again, last weekend I packed my bag and took the plane to Amsterdam. Despite the cold weather and grim wind, I had a great time, […]

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Introducing: eBay Kollektionen

„Search, collect & inspire!“ Sipping a cup of tea on my couch with open windows and a smile on my face – this is how I like to work! And what better time to collect some new inspiration, right? Happy Saturday, everybody! Something that America already knows has finally come to Germany as well (yay!) […]

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Shop brands for less with Sparondo!

Shop the look: Okayy, today it’s math class on CATS & DOGS! Uh, wait, don’t run away just yet, it is math, but it won’t be so bad, I promise. My kids at school used to (almost) always love my math lessons, hehe! What if I told you that originally, the complete above look would […]

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Travel Only With Hand Luggage

[:en] „You only travel with such a small suitcase? But HOW?“ Many times I’ve been asked how on earth I could travel with only my small suitcase that just fits the hand luggage restrictions of all airlines. I usually tend to laugh and tell them that it’s just a matter of combining the right things […]

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