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Move It

“If you’re reading this, get up and do 20 squats! NOW!” Haha, don’t run away, I’m just kidding! But I do love a healthy bit of sports to keep myself in shape and also to keep me sane. A whole day of sitting in front of the computer without moving yourself can make any man […]

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Festival Season

Sitting outside on the grass, drinking beer, joking around with friends and playing and/or listening to some great music is basically all that summer is about for me! Well, and swimming in lakes of course, I can’t wait for that, either. But you know, a festival doesn’t have to be big or expensive or totally […]

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Cracked Leather

While you are reading this, I’m already in beautiful Amsterdam, enjoying this wonderful city! And what better idea than to show you one of my favourite everyday city-looks at the same time? The classic black-jeans-white-shirt-leather-biker-jacket outfit simply IS an all-time favourite! But really, this time I’ve come up with a twist: the jacket doesn’t come […]

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Hand me that cocktail, will ya? Yeah, I’m talking to you, handsome dark-haired stranger in bathing shorts. And let’s have a walk at the beach later on, okay? Right now, I’m busy exploring the bordering palm tree forest. Call me again in a few hours! Well, one can still dream, right? By the way, I’m […]

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Gorgeous sunny days are only darkened by a non functioning O2 internet connection (grrr!). Preparing this wonderful spring outfit post for you took me without exaggeration 5 (!!!) hours thanks to my internet breaking down every two minutes. I guess an easter bunny sat on the line, I don’t have another explanation. But besides all […]

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3 Ways 2 Wear: Jeans Shorts

“How to style an ultimate wardrobe staple!” Jeans shorts always have been and always will be the ultimate must-have item for any spring and summer outfit! They are easy to wear for (almost) any occasion and, depending on our mood and styling, turn us into a 60s pin-up girl, a 70s festivals hippie or a […]

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