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♬ Blur – Parklife ♬ Well boys and girls, since the 90s are officially back in fashion (look at me, I’m wearing crop top again!), I want to pledge for a return of the one most important thing the 90s once brought upon us: britpop! Yeah, that’s right: Oasis, Blur, The Verve and many others […]

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Random Encounters

Hello stranger, are you talking to me? Damn, really? Didn’t I just want to sleep a little until we land in Berlin? Well, thanks for nothing. Now then, let’s make the best of it, have a nice chat and buy each other drinks later, okay? It’s the least you can do. I’m just kidding, nice […]

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New Music: Fallulah

She reminds me of someone… oh yeah, Fallulah, this slightly bonkers girl from Denmark, reminds me of myself. Just a little bit. And her music is just the thing when you are having a depressing day, not sure of what to do or where to go. But then again, her music also fits just right […]

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Fooling The Light

♫ Blinded By The Lights – The Streets ♫ Hello all! As you are reading this, I’m already on a new adventure in the scandinavian countries. Right now, Stockholm fashion week and afterwards Copenhagen. I’m mighty excited about everything, the week started really good all thanks to new and old friends and I’m sure there’s […]

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