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The Little Things

Waking up with the sun, not with the alarm. / Mit der Sonne aufwachen, nicht mit dem Wecker. Walking through warm summer rain showers. / Durch warmen Sommerregen laufen. Fresh flowers on your desk. / Frische Blumen auf dem Schreibtisch. Watermelon and pineapple all day long. / Wassermelone und Ananas den ganzen Tag. Hanging at […]

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Random Encounters

Hello stranger, are you talking to me? Damn, really? Didn’t I just want to sleep a little until we land in Berlin? Well, thanks for nothing. Now then, let’s make the best of it, have a nice chat and buy each other drinks later, okay? It’s the least you can do. I’m just kidding, nice […]

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Monday Update

I had the lovliest weekend while not spending much time at the laptop at all! Sometimes, you really need a break from all the technology to breathe some fresh air, enjoy the sun and the company of lovely friends! The best part was walking around the Botanischer Garten in Berlin Steglitz again – one of […]

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