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Beach Babes

When I have not too much else to do, I like to draw a little every now and then. I must admit I don’t really have the same patience my sister has when it comes to illustration (luckily, it’s her studying it and not me), but I really enjoy it, anyway. Because of this and […]

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Villa Cora Grand Hotel Florence

“A place? More like a palace…” Before I’m moving on with my adventures and before I’m up in the air again next week, off to new places, I wanted to share with you the most marvellous place I have been in my life so far. And I have been to many amazing places already. But […]

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Firenze4Ever: Afterglow

My final look from Florence – you’ve probably had enough of my StyleLab shoots already, haven’t you? Luckily, I only shot three outfits with LUISAVIAROMA and STYLEBOOK Blogstars during the Firenze4Ever event. From next week, you’ll get more “normal” looks again, promise. Although, I must say that this final StyleLab shoot is a lot more […]

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Firenze4Ever: Christopher Kane

“Oh my God, it’s a FACE!!” That was me screaming when I looked upon the camera screen while shooting these super-high-fashion-y pictures at Villa Cora in Florence with sweet Susanna from STYLEBOOK Blogstars and my personal assistant from LUISAVIAROMA giving me moral support throughout the day. Thank you Stylebook for being so amazing!!! Oh my […]

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Firenze4Ever: Cool Blue

Back from an utterly luxurious weekend at Villa Cora in Florence, Italy, I really am so excited to show you the results of my first (of three) StyleLabs we realized during the Firenze4Ever event with LUISAVIAROMA. When fashionistas like us hear the word Luisaviaroma, our little girly hearts skip a beat while we start dreaming […]

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