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Hi-Waist Floral

Hey my beauties, I hope your Sunday is going really well and you’re enjoying it with your beloved ones! Since it’s my birthday-week (I’m kind of enjoying the idea of celebrating a whole week), I’m spending it in Hanover with my family and it’s super lovely. The sun is shining all the time and the […]

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Hand me that cocktail, will ya? Yeah, I’m talking to you, handsome dark-haired stranger in bathing shorts. And let’s have a walk at the beach later on, okay? Right now, I’m busy exploring the bordering palm tree forest. Call me again in a few hours! Well, one can still dream, right? By the way, I’m […]

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„How did you start your blog back in 2008?“ Did you know that one starting point of CATS & DOGS was my passion for sewing? I used to make a lot of clothes myself, sat at the sewing machine for hours and couldn’t wait to show others the dresses, skirts and tops I’d sewn. I […]

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Going Out Look

„Be original and your winter will be different!“ When I go out to blogger events, fashion weeks or whatever takes me away from my cozy living room in the evening, I need to dress in a certain way for myself in order to feel good and to be relaxed. I like to look dressed up […]

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