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Canadian Pizza

„Cooking inspired by Canada and Berlin Kreuzberg“ For starters, there isn’t really such a thing as „Canadian Pizza“, you know. But when you google it despite the fact that it doesn’t really exist, surprisingly, the same recipe keeps popping up over and over again. Thanks to a lovely restaurant in Berlin Kreuzberg called „Ron Telesky“, […]

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Vegetarian Lasagne

„A tasty dish in the mood of spring“ Today, I’ll present to you another one of my own recipes: the vegetarian spinach lasagne! I love this dish because it’s quick, simple and incredibly tasty! I could eat lasagne every day – if it weren’t for the calories, haha! Follow me down to find out how […]

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Filled Eggplant

„Orient meets Occident in this veggie dish of mine.“ Oh no, now she’s also cooking? Well, YES! And you know what? I LOVE cooking, it’s one of my favourite hobbies and all of my family and friends take great advantage out of this passion of mine. So from now on and since I have this […]

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