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Sacha x Fashionchick

A simple and let me call it rather French outfit – perfect for my trip to Paris tomorrow – simply cries out for a pair of incredible shoes, don’t you think? This is why I combined my simple white shirt, biker jacket and black jeans with my new and uber cool sandal heels from the […]

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Move It

„If you’re reading this, get up and do 20 squats! NOW!“ Haha, don’t run away, I’m just kidding! But I do love a healthy bit of sports to keep myself in shape and also to keep me sane. A whole day of sitting in front of the computer without moving yourself can make any man […]

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Black, White and Tartan

Call me Miss Superboring, but I just feel like there is nothing quite like the combination of white and black. No colour could come close to this minimalist perfection and not even springtime can convince me otherwise this year! One of the few exceptions? These gorgeous and super-cool (Céline rip-off) tartan slip ons I found […]

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