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Sailor Girl

Navy stripes on white always manage to create a very maritime picture in my mind, I just can’t help myself. It’s such an archetypical image that the moment I put on this utterly perfect JOOP! coat, I just wanted to go back to the sea. But as Berlin doesn’t quite provide too much of an […]

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Sengtai in my Room

TGIF – Thank God It’s Friday! I’m so happy because I got to spend the whole of last week „at home“ with all my favourite people which is the most precious thing in the world to me! Staying home away from Berlin sometimes is a really soothing thing to do, you know. But at 27, […]

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Colmar Originals Store Opening

Do you watch Mad Men? I adore the series and not only because of the handsome men, but also because I’m really interested in marketing strategies. It’s so exciting to see how a campaign comes to life and how its reception is going to be. This is also the reason why I was interested in […]

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Hand me that cocktail, will ya? Yeah, I’m talking to you, handsome dark-haired stranger in bathing shorts. And let’s have a walk at the beach later on, okay? Right now, I’m busy exploring the bordering palm tree forest. Call me again in a few hours! Well, one can still dream, right? By the way, I’m […]

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Gorgeous sunny days are only darkened by a non functioning O2 internet connection (grrr!). Preparing this wonderful spring outfit post for you took me without exaggeration 5 (!!!) hours thanks to my internet breaking down every two minutes. I guess an easter bunny sat on the line, I don’t have another explanation. But besides all […]

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As you are reading this, I am already busy working on a new project with Yves Saint Laurent in Paris. OMG, I’m so excited for this one but also a little bit scared, it’s gonna be amazing! In the meantime, I’m giving you the outfit accompanying the Beautystories Spring-Look (remember?). This time, white predominates the […]

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