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[:en]YSL Beauty Birthday Bash Paris – Touche Éclat turns 25[:de]YSL Beauty Birthday Bash Paris – Touche Éclat wird 25[:]

[:en] Touche Éclat turns 25: of a product that stood the test of time. My sweeties, today, I want to tell you the story of one of my favourite beauty products of all time: YSL Beauté Touche Éclat*. This lovely highlighter-pencil with its famous golden packaging can be found in most beauty-connoisseurs‘ bags and this […]

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Summer Skin: Braun #breakfree

„How much do you love your own body?“ „Your skin is so beautiful!“, „I love your glossy hair, how do you do that?“ or „I wish I had your legs!“ – every time another girl comes up to tell me such a thing, and this does happen in real life every now and again, I […]

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Wow, sorry for the radio silence in the last two days but you know how it is: you plan things, then things don’t go according to plan, you stress out and in the end you just have a shower and a nice glass of wine soon to forget that there actually was a huge pile […]

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„Blurring the lines between image and reality“ When you come to think of it, the connection between what we see and what we make of the picture created in our mind is very subjective and can vary so much. I really like that. The fact that taking a picture of a picture and introducing new […]

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As you are reading this, I am already busy working on a new project with Yves Saint Laurent in Paris. OMG, I’m so excited for this one but also a little bit scared, it’s gonna be amazing! In the meantime, I’m giving you the outfit accompanying the Beautystories Spring-Look (remember?). This time, white predominates the […]

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