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Shop brands for less with Sparondo!

Shop the look: Okayy, today it’s math class on CATS & DOGS! Uh, wait, don’t run away just yet, it is math, but it won’t be so bad, I promise. My kids at school used to (almost) always love my math lessons, hehe! What if I told you that originally, the complete above look would […]

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How To Dress For…

1. River Island bag (similar) | 2. Vero Moda blouse | 3. Vero Moda coat | 4. Esprit gloves | 5. DKNY heels | 6. Kaporal jeans | 7. mint&berry scarf “A closet full of things but still nothing to wear…” Sometimes, even I don’t know what to wear in a certain situation. When in […]

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Redhead… again?

♫ Red-Headed Stranger – Willie Nelson ♫ For the beginning of the new year, I’ve come back with a look I was sporting about 1,5 years ago: the long, ginger locks that made me look a little bit like Karen Gillan. I really loved my hair back then, the only problem was that I couldn’t […]

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Going Out Look

“Be original and your winter will be different!” When I go out to blogger events, fashion weeks or whatever takes me away from my cozy living room in the evening, I need to dress in a certain way for myself in order to feel good and to be relaxed. I like to look dressed up […]

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