Apologies for welcoming you on my blog today smiling at you with my butt, BUT that’s what basically today’s outfit was all about! I got round to actually copying the studded Bess jeans posted on J&J some weeks earlier, but since it’s spring disguised as summertime, I *had* to stud the backside of a pair of very old H&M bleached denims I turned into quite ripped shorty-shorts. I love this simple DIY, and the shorts made my legs feel nice and fresh with the wind floating around them today.
By the way, if you notice any kinda fat belly peeking out of my sweater – I had the most wonderful BBQ just ten minutes before! I am still full!!
I stole this lovely feather hair-comb from my mother, it’s so cute, innit? Only bugger: It keeps on falling out! It’s just a mini-comb after all :)

I think I’ll spend my evening customising an old teeshirt I found in a second-hand. I want to turn it into a cute dress to maybe wear tomorrow when we meet my granny in Bremen for easter lunch and coffe :D More eating, dude! Means a lot of stepping ahead of me – aahhhrrggss!


[Boots: Aldo, socks: C&A, ripped studded shorts: DIY and H&M, knit-jumper and brown top underneath: H&M, bracelets: various, ring and feather comb: from my mom]