Today I had enough, I didn’t want to feel cold anymore, so I put on three different dresses, a jumper and finally, my old vintage fur coat. Tell you what, it didn’t work. But I won’t moan about the weather anymore, there’s no use, it just keeps on snowing and snowing and snowing.

Heard about quite some interesting Berlinale films already, and also about one that’s not gonna be shown on the festival after all: a French production titled “La Rafle”, with Jean Reno which premiered in Paris today (I think). It deals with the largest imprisonment of Jews that was ever done in one day – by the French police in this case, in July 1942. From what I’ve seen so far, definitely worth watching.

I’m gonna be in Berlin myself next week, looking forward to a little break very much!

The good thing about the booties with the silver tape on the platform is that once the silver looks a bit shabby and torn, it is very easy to remove (as you can see on these pictures here), and once you want to add new silver tape, you can just do it again!

[Topshop jumper + lace-tunic, H&M velvet dress + clutch, vintage fur, Marni booties]


P.S.: Happy Valentine’s Day everybody, especially to my favourite secret agent!