I actually meant to spend my evening getting some work for uni done, but then I figured that it could wait until later tonight so I am officially allowed to waste my time round here for a little longer.

Could you, my honourable readers, do me a favour and vote for me if you think I’m good enough to take pictures for G-Star RAW at New York Fashion Week in February? That would be soooo kind of you. Just click on the black banner in the right side column of my blog. (for the people that don’t get the point, I don’t, either xD all I know is I want to take pictures there, would be so much fun and I think I’m good enough to do it)

Today was moderately cold (6°C), but it was bearable. The snow has vanished, the sun has reappeared and we were all jumping happily out of our fur coats into the leather biker jackets. (Not for longer than an hour, though, because my hands turned into a weird mix of blue and pink – violet that is, right!)
The Topshop boots are epic, beautiful patent leather, silver heel instert and insane platforms – yay for being 1,90 m tall!

So what’s everybody’s plans for New Year’s Eve? The year will soon be over, 2010 is gonna be big!!


Boots from Topshop, knitted star-dress and biker jacket from Miss Selfridge, purse from H&M, vintage sun necklace.