Exactly! Yesterday I was sitting at the uni café when suddenly one of my English lectors came in and celebrated how France was losing their match, haha! Then she was also adding that England was gonna leave today as well – which as you all know didn’t happen, they won!! Now, only Germany has to win tonight as well and everything will be good (for now!)
Today (and yesterday for my oral exam which went quite well), I wore this John Zack for Topshop star-dress from some seasons ago. I love stars, you might remember my starry jumper as well. When I was checking the fashion magazines at the store, I heard some two guys behind me saying “I think I’m seeing stars – you, too?” “Yeah, absolutely – is carneval on already?”… unbelievable! :D

Finishing up with uni business while my man was visiting the Alphonse Mucha museum in Prague on his job excursion – SO jealous, I’m such a lover of his work!!

Have a sunny world cup evening!!

[John Zack dress, Topshop heels, hat from London, vintage jewellery]