I just meant to show you what I’m busy working on (among other things) at the moment. I bought this beautiful crèpe de chine in black a while ago and once I’m finished with the beaded neckline, I’ll turn it into a flowy, very very heavy neckholder-dress. I’m sure it’s gonna look amazing. But sewing the beads to the fabric takes AGES! I’ve been working on this for 3 weeks now… and it’s sure gonna be another 3 weeks. I sew every single bead to it by itself. It’s one hell of a task :D
I’m also knitting at the moment and got some white lace waiting to be turned into a dress… but one after the other.


And yeah, let’s have a laugh. I’ve been stealing my moms leather flats the other day, and I can’t stop wearing them even if they make my feet look like those of Daisy Duck. They are the most comfortable shoes I have been wearing in my life, I can tell you that! I’m not sure I’m gonna give them back to her, although I’m sure she misses them already. And I sure wouldn’t wear them out too much, either. If only all the pretty shoes in this world would be this friendly to my feet.
(Leo tights by H&M)