Good evening world! A completely black outfit today and I like it – it kept me real warm in the sun (let’s wear black now before we start to melt in it once it gets hot outside!)
I’m so glad all the snow is gone, finally taking walks is fun again.
On thursday, I’ll have my last exam for this semester, and it’s a shitload of work, but I’ll be so happy when it’s over. After that, Berlin again, can’t wait to get out of this city asap to just spend loads of quality time with my man, enjoy the city and also work a bit (for a week) at a real interesting school where I’d love to work starting this summer! I’d be so happy if all this worked out the way I want it to!

Started to watch “FlashForward” yesterday, wow, 2 episodes and I’m already hooked!! So super exciting! (I believe the guy in the stadium, the only one awake, is Chris Angel!! Haha!)

[Topshop biker jacket, customised velvet dress, H&M lace leggins, knockoff CLs, vintage pearls]