I’ve completely fallen in love with this ruffled blouse I found for a handful of € on ebay, it’s so easy to wear and I love the collar and the oversized look to it. It’s a couple of sizes too tall for me, which is lovely because I can almost wear it as a dress! And cheapo lucky finds are always welcome of course. I feel like a complete Hippie in this, haha. My parents (late ’68 generation) would (perhaps) be proud of me.

The fake fur teddy coat is a cheap second-hand find, too. I just had to shorten it a bit because I felt it looked a bit too “granny-ish” for my taste with it covering my knees (and I do like to show my knees, haha) But now it’s perfect for the upcoming cold season. I feel this is the season of fake fur anyway. I’m eyeing the ZARA leopard fake fur coat right now, let’s see if it’ll be mineee soon :)

Today I treated myself with a haircut. I was in desperate need to trim my bangs especially, I could hardly see a thing :D
Later we took that lovely walk towards sunset and took some pictures.
Tomorrow, the new uni semester starts, kinda looking forward to it, all new seminars and seeing some people again will be sweet.

Have a nice and relaxing sunday evening my dear readers!


[Fake fur coat: second-hand, ruffle blouse: second-hand off ebay, black bodycon dress: H&M, black tights: H&M, tribute sandals off ebay]