I’ve always known I must be a little bit crazy… not only did I realize that since my boy’s mother asked me this exact sentence (isn’t it great to know that you’re loved? haha) but yep, inspired and kinda mentally supported by the wonderful and incredibly creative Shini from PARK & CUBE, I also dared to do it: last night I started knitting a black/red/silver/beige jumper inspired by the famous and perfect Rodarte shit ;) and let me tell you, wool is certainly NOT cheap in this country, damnit! But anyway, at least I got something to do now to keep me from eating or buying unneccessary things xD

I’m wearing this really cool vintage batwing sleeve sweater today that I found on ebay a while ago… it has a beautiful stitching detail showing a DEVIL PEACOCK!! haha… well, it must be, look at his eye!!! Scary, innit?
And then these Topshop leggins – tsk tsk… I dunno, they’re cool, but you really have to combine them wisely cos they’re so disco shiny crazy that it can very quickly look like it’s “too much” :) and anyway, certainly too warm for today’s weather! I had to change to shorts again later on!

Sorry bout the ranting, the heat is supporting my mindflow… maybe!


[sweater: 80s vintage, disco foil leggins: Topshop, leather boots: 80s vintage, jewellery: from my mom]