[Mark Ronson ft. Sean Lennon – Sail on Sailor]

We took these pics at Potsdamer Platz, right before visiting the film museum which was amazing, I loved it, particularly the parts on silent film and the mirror cabinet style walls and floors. There were tiny snippets of film, letters, cards and posters, miniatures and models of film sets all in one place, so worth seeing!
Actually, I didn’t think we’d indeed be taking these pictures outside yesterday since it was pouring down like mad when we first went outside. But the heavy clouds and wet grounds made these photos particularly lovely in a way. I’ve also fallen for the architecture in the background.

The cool stripey jumper I’m wearing I found at Zalando.de, a shopping website I initially only knew for their shoe collection, until I noticed they sell other clothing, too. Quite nice pieces among them, too!

[Nümph stripey cardigan from Zalando, Topshop skinny jeans, vintage sailor’s hat, jewelry and belt, Topshop wedges]