/Rain – The Beatles/

I finally got to wear my alternative to black blazer these days, as summer finally decided to take a break and clouds suddenly started to gather around our heads. And even though I quite enjoy summer most of the time, a little bit of cooling down is quite welcome at the moment. And did you notice the collar of my velvet dress? I made it myself and I think it’s lovely like this!

Started working last week, even though summer holidays are still up and running. Right now the job is to entertain the kids that are still there and not on holidays with their families. It’s nice, the kids are cute and fun and the other teachers are all lovely, as far as I could already get to know them.

Again, my boyfriend took my pictures – what do you think, should he continue doing the job? (in case he wants to ;))

Have a great new week my wonderful and lovely readers!!!

[H&M blazer, customised dress, Topshop heels]