[Air – Playground Love (The Virgin Suicides)]


I figured I should stop writing anything accompanying my pictures in the future. No, not quite, but isn’t it strange that mostly, once I apologize for not posting outfit pictures, the next day I already have said outfit pictures ready to post. And not because I’m trying hard to get my pictures taken the next day, it mostly just happens, like yesterday when I met up with beautiful Susanne again who suggested to take some outfit pics together. Funny world, right?
Another funny thing: just recently my man and I were talking about the MWI (Many Worlds Interpretation), a theory in the field of quantum mechanics coined in 1957 by Hugh Everett which basically states that once we think that a certain thing would be possible to happen, no matter how absurd it sounds, it is definitely going to happen (or has happened) in a parallel universe. This absolutely blew my mind and got me thinking on all that (believe it or not, I am SO fascinated by physics and mechanics once it comes to fantastic subjects like this). AND NOW, watching this fun abc-series “FlashForward”, they actually make this theory one of the key ideas of the whole story. If you’re interested, you should Wiki the “Many-worlds interpretation”, it’s really fascinating!

I’ll leave you with this input and wish you a nice, not as rainy as mine, day.

[Vintage lace-top, Topshop leather jacket, Zara jeans, Topshop booties]