Fast Fuse

Yeah, I’m still alive, actually very much so! And I simply have to tell you that everything appears to work out perfectly well: I found a beautiful flat, I handed in my Master thesis, I finished loads of other work for uni and it’s only one more month to go until my days as a […]

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Dreaming of summer

Having just survived a seriously boring flu, I’m getting better again, now. Unfortunately, I’ve lost some days for writing my Master thesis, but it’s still looking okay, I’m almost finished and will hand it in on June 3rd. Oral exam is on the 22nd of June, too… ughhh!! In two days it’s my birthday, yet […]

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You’re my idea of beautiful

A few days ago, I got inspired by a fellow Lookbooker (Frankly: Fashion Zen (visit her blog!)) who created a miu miu-inspired skirt by ironing little sparrows on her skirt. After having searched the web for sparrow-, or cat-print fabric for weeks now, I finally had a new solution for DIY-ing miu miu dresses myself […]

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Finally, time to go enjoy the sun without freezing, running around in summerly dresses without having to huddle in a warm coat, smelling the scent of the early blossoms. My fellow German readers will probably remember this poem from school days: Er ist’s! Frühling lässt sein blaues BandWieder flattern durch die Lüfte;Süße, wohlbekannte DüfteStreifen ahnungsvoll […]

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Pink ribbons…

… around my ankles. Me likes. Just played around with this ribbon that I found when I was looking for material to wrap presents in. It looks qite a bit Rococo, don’t you think? For my part, I had to think of Jean Fragonard’s painting with the girl on the swing, kicking away one of […]

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My shooting with Brigitte

A while back I was invited by the Brigitte-team to Hamburg to shoot a bridal hair-special. I had so much fun that day, met great people and was even allowed (!) to keep my hair like this when I left, so that my boyfriend and I could later on walk around downtown and Reeperbahn with […]

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