A while ago I got this blouse as a present from Arafeel. Thanks so much! It’s a cute little thing, however, a bit too pink for me to wear it on a regular basis. But of course, you can order it in different colours (which I might be doing as well since I really love […]

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Late flowers

When we took these pictures yesterday afternoon, I at first wasn’t quite convinced by the weather which looked grey and cold/windy/rainy and I was afraid the colours wouldn’t turn out to look as nicely as they could with better light. Anyway, after we returned home, I was surprised how nicely the plain grass supported the […]

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[Suzanne Vega – Caramel]To catch this beautiful sunset on camera, we took a walk through Tiergarten a few days ago and I truly enjoyed the walk. When the sun shines, autumn really must be my favourite season!This week and the following, I’m off work, staying at home, doing this and that, buying furniture at IKEA, […]

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Fall colours

As I already wrote about half a year ago, the cemeteries in Kreuzberg are really lovely to take walks on. Also, autumn appears to have decided to turn sunny again which is sweet. Last week was quite busy, what with work and other stuff we did – like enjoying the view on the Berlin Funkturm […]

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Autumn is here

Unfortunately, but we’ll have to accept it. These pics were taken some days ago when it was still sunny and not as cold and windy/rainy as right now. It’s really uncomfortable right now to be outside. Today we went to some sort of childrens’ theatre with our school class and the kids sure had a […]

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It’s been a terrible week weatherwise speaking – rain, rain and more rain. Luckily, the weekend has decided to become a little more sunny than the week before. Still, autumn is apparently here which forces us to dress a bit warmer already. In fact I had no idea what to wear for spending half the […]

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