The National – Racing Like A Pro

Don’t you just love the colour of these pictures? It’s amazing how winter sunlight sometimes looks… I didn’t change the colour at all on these photos, it naturally looked that turquoise on the photos! Still, I can’t wait for spring, being able to walk outside without a heavy coat over any kind of lovely outfit.

Loved the sales at all my fave high street shops (Zara, Weekday, H&M etc.) and finally got me the lace-up Happy Monday skinny jeans I meant to buy months ago but simply didn’t manage, haha. And I got them so much cheaper than they originally were. Amazing!
Life is great at the moment, so many strange yet wonderful things happening right now that I almost feel overwhelmed by the greatness of things once I come thinking about it. I’m all “wow” all the time, haha. Gotta love it.

Have a lovely new week and thank you all so much for still following this thing :)

[H&M knit tee and boots, Zara jeans, tee and bag, H&M claw necklace, hat from London]